The original is not a pelican or a grizzly bear! Who would the Lakers most like to meet in the first round? Two years ago

 湖北快三彩立中     |      2020-08-05 21:06
Original title: not Pelican or grizzly bear! Who would the Lakers most like to meet in the first round? On August 4, Beijing time, the Lakers beat jazz 116-108 to lock in the first place in the Western Conference. For them, the next question is who their first round opponent was. In the current situation, the position of the plunder is becoming more and more intense, several teams have the opportunity to become the first round opponents of the Lakers. What's the team the Lakers don't want to meet? Which team is their ideal first round now? Anthony Slater, the famous writer, went in and analyzed it.

First of all, from the perspective of probability, all six teams still have expectations. The original many media think that the sun will pick the front out, did not expect the rematch before the two games, the sun has won. However, considering the following race schedule, the opportunities for king and sun are still relatively young. In Hubei fast tricolor, the competition is mainly between Grizzlies, pioneers, spurs and pelicans. With such a small gap, Hubei's fast three color lottery is inevitable. Considering that the eighth ranked team only needs to win one game to advance, while the ninth team must win two games in a row, the eighth place plunder will be particularly strong.

The Grizzlies had the upper hand of 3.5 games in the original, but they lost all of the three games after the second round, which shortened the lead to two wins. If they can't find the state soon, lose the eighth place, or even have no chance to add games, they can show the effect.

From the perspective of the Lakers, who is the most intimidating first round opponent? In fact, Denny Green has given this answer in the festival a few days ago. At that time, he said, the Lakers are not brave enough to meet anyone, but if they can pick opponents, the last thing they want to meet is the Blazers. Because it's easy, the Blazers have Lillard and McCollam, and have a lot of playoff experience, plus Anthony and the excellent form of nurkic, this team is really not easy to deal with.

(10) who's the team the Lakers are looking forward to? It's supposed to be the pelican or the Grizzlies, because the two teams are very young and have no playoff experience.

Anthony Slater is now reporting to the team about the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has different opinions: the eighth answer the Lakers are most looking forward to in the west is the Spurs. Why?

Slater shared an event two years ago (the 2018 playoffs). He was covering the warriors with the team. The dust settled on the last night of the regular season. The Spurs were seventh in the West and became the first round opponent of the Warriors (when they were ranked second in the regular season). At that time, Slater had a discussion with the warrior's alias TA, and the other side was overjoyed. He pointed out that the Spurs, foreign to Duncan and yucca (injured), were the ideal first round opponents. What about the effect? Warriors cut spurs 4-1 in the first round.

Reasonably speaking, the Spurs are a team with high tactical accomplishment and should be respected. However, Slater analysis that, even if the Lakers foreign enough preparation, the Spurs most can only win 1-2 games. This team, will not let the Lakers have a strange sense of coercion. They are foreign top stars who can win four in seven games. This is the first round opponent the Lakers are willing to meet.

Pelican and grizzly bear? Although the Lakers won't have a hard time beating them, no one can look forward to their fearsome young teams, especially when the pelicans and Grizzlies have superstars like Stanislav Morant. In short, there are fewer unknowns to the Spurs than a grizzly bear Pelican.